OnLive Viewer Hits Google TV, Full Gaming Capability Potentially On The Way

Google TV needs content. Onlive has content. The match is perfect.

Starting today, the Onlive Viewer app is available for downloading via Google TV’s Android Market. This app allows anyone to view gamers hacking away at OnLive games. Note, the app doesn’t bring gaming capabilities to Google TV, but OnLive expects to add that functionality later down the road.

The OnLive Viewer App allows is a mishmash of gaming excitement. The Arena, where most of the action takes place, allows for viewing of OnLive’s vast gaming library. Simply select a thumbnail preview and you’re transported to that person’s game. Watch that player live or die by the sword. Thankfully for the gamer, voice communication is not enabled but viewers can congratulate the gamer with a thumbs

OnLive hopes to eventually to bring fulling gaming capability to Google TV down the road. This is their standard operating procedure: test the waters with the viewer app to judge interest. OnLive might be the killer app that Google TV desperately needs.