BetterWorks Adds Catering To Office Perks Platform

BetterWorks, a company that gives small companies an easy way to reward and incentivize employees, is adding a new feature to the mix—catering.

As we’ve reported previously, BetterWorks, which was co-founded by Paige Craig, George Ishii and co-creator of Farmville Sizhao Yang, launched to help small businesses manage company perks and rewards. The startup gives small businesses, startups and companies access to corporate rates on things like gyms and salons, which those businesses can then offer to their employees as perks.

With a catering component, employers can now use the BetterWorks Perks Platform to manage large food orders for employees, eliminating the need for third-party catering systems. Restaurants and menus are in the system, and meals can be quickly scheduled up to a month in advance for delivery or pick-up from a wide variety of local restaurants. The Real Time Order Estimator displays a dynamic count of how many people each order will feed.

For startups, catering food for employees can make sense from both a perks and productivity perspective. The standard catering order on BetterWorks costs $8-10 per person, and companies that cater a meal generally average at least an hour in additional productivity from each employee they serve.

Already companies like Tesla, Klout, Adaptly and Docstoc are using BetterWorks to cater office meals. And a catering feature makes it easy for any administrator to order food without having to take individual orders, or call a restaurant.

BetterWorks Catering is available Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, San Francisco, and select parts of New York.