Verizon’s Droid RAZR MAXX Seems To Be The Droid RAZR With Better Battery Life

Remember the exceptionally long-named Droid RAZR MAXX that got spotted in Verizon’s inventory system a few weeks ago?

It’s real now — and so far it seems to be… pretty much the same as the Droid RAZR, save for extra storage space and claims of a super long battery life.

While Motorola benchmarked the original Droid RAZR at around 12 hours of talk time, they claim the new RAZR MAXX variant can pull an almost ridiculous 21 hours of chatter on a single charge. Meanwhile, the internal storage has been bumped from 16GB to 32GB. On the outside, however, they’re essentially identical — even with the bigger battery, the new MAXX is only around 2mm thicker than the original (8.9mm vs 7.1mm).

The new RAZR MAXX will go for $299 on a two-year contract, while the two-month old Droid RAZR will slip down to $199. The latter will also now come in purple, which is.. unique?