Samsung’s Smart TV Can “Listen, See, And Do” No Evil

We’re live here at Samsung’s live press conference at CES International 2012, and Samsung is introducing a new Smart TV with the ability to “listen, see, and do” what it wants, without ever touching the remote control. The idea is that the TV will get smarter the longer you own it, presumably through updates, eliminating the need for you to buy a new TV to keep up pace.

Back in 2008, Samsung introduced its first Smart TV. Today, things look very different. For one, the new Smart LED TV’s have dual core processors, and something you’ve grown accustomed to on just about any other electronics device: multitasking.

There’s also a brand new smart hub, with ability to search and explore, which has been upgraded to HD. The new Samsung smart TVs also feature the same thin bezel we were seeing last year, with a U-shaped stand.

On the top of the TV, Samsung is offering an integrated camera. (Didn’t expect that one). Courtesy of the camera, you’ll have the ability to video conference and use gesture-based controls.

There are also a host of new signature services available, including something called Family Store which allows family members to communicate with each other, workout services that can track your weight with a wireless scale (ties in to a phone app), an app that lets you track what kids are watching, and smart interaction.

Of all the signature services, smart interaction will be the best. It allows you to interact with the TV like you do with other humans, using your voice, gestures and face. For example, that integrated camera will offer up facial recognition, logging individual members of the family into their specialized apps automatically.

The EvolutionKit, which is a pluggable device that updates your smart TV, won’t be available until 2013.

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