Samsung Launches New Smart TV Ad Platform, Samsung AdHub

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung launched its advertising platform, Samsung AdHub, for Samsung Smart TVs. With the new service, publishers and brands will be able to deliver video, 3D, and interactive advertisements to the living room through the Samsung Smart TV interface.

The advertisements will allow users to click to view video content, access new apps or services and will be able to launch the TV’s web browser. In addition, the new “Explore 3D” application, Samsung’s branded 3D VOD service, will allow advertisers the unique ability to launch native 3D TV ads on its TV sets.

AdHub, already available for mobile applications (both phone and tablet), allows developers to monetize their content for the Android and Samsung bada (mobile only) platforms. Developers select the ad network they want to use and how they want those ads to appear within their application. On mobile, these ads are targeted “by matching the right ad with the right content,” Samsung explains on its AdHub website.

Now those ads will be available on the big screen too, when the Smart TV in-app advertising solution goes live sometime later this year. TV app developers will be able to then download the Samsung SDK 3.0 for use with the company’s Smart TVs.

Samsung has already launched Smart TV ads in the U.S. and Korea prior to today’s announcement, with Best Buy and State Farm as advertisers. The company also has sales partnerships in place with Rovi and YuMe.