Samsung Debuts Series 9 Ultrabook: A 15-Inch Display On A 14-Inch Body

Here at the CES 2012 International conference, we promised you’d be seeing ultrabooks galore. Well, Samsung isn’t going to let you down, today announcing the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook. The Series 9 sports a 15-inch display on a compact 14-inch body.

This is the second generation of Samsung’s Series 9 notebooks, and the company calls it as thin as some of the original tablets we saw hit the market a couple years back. Yep, even when it’s closed.

The Series 9 weights 2.5lbs, and measures in at just half an inch thick. In fact, it’s 30 percent smaller than the first-gen model. It took 30,000 hours to design, and features all the same requirements we’re seeing out of ultrabooks.

As far as InstantOn goes, this thing boots up in 9.8 seconds, wakes in just 1.4, and should last up to 10 hours.