The $60 Ooma HD2 Uses Facebook, Google And Yahoo For Picture Caller-ID

Home phones are dumb phones defined. At best they feature a backlit four-line display. At worst they suck.

Well, Ooma just introduced the HD2, which not only pairs pefectly with the company’s VoIP service but offers a bunch of functions standard to feature phones. A 2-inch color LCD features picture caller-ID with the images garnered from the owner’s Facebook, Google and Yahoo friends. This can be managed either from on the handset or through the My Ooma web portal. But wait! There is more.

“Because Ooma is an Internet-based platform, it allows us to add innovative and useful features more typically associated with a smartphone and blend the mobile and home phone experiences,” said Dennis Peng, Vice President of Product Management at Ooma said in a released statement.

The handset can also be configured to be used as a baby monitor and users can even collate friends into groups designated by a custom MP3 ringtone. Ooma claims the handset features double the fidelity of a standard phone call thanks to something they HD Voice.

The handset should be available in February at select retailers and for $60. Of course buyers will also need the appropriate Ooma base station to use it.