Netgear Intros Media Storage Router At CES: The WNDR4500

Here at the CES International 2012 in Las Vegas, Netgear has whipped out the latest iteration in its line of flagship routers: the WNDR4700. Just like the previous model, you’ll find integrated storage but this new model offers up to 2TB of built-in storage.

Consumers can upgrade at any time to get more capacity. But it gets better than that.

The router also offers two USB 3.0 ports. That makes it one of the first ever consumer routers to provide more storage and connectivity.

Both your PC and Mac will have support, and if you use Time Machine the Netgear WNDR4700 supports Time Machine natively so the experience there should be rather seamless. This is also one of the first consumer routers to offer users the ability to download applications straight from the Netgear App Store.