Cloud-Based Video Editor WeVideo Launches To Public

WeVideo, the cloud-based collaborative video editing platform which announced integration with YouTube in October, is today exiting its beta period and launching commercially. The service now has over 125,000 users creating more than 1,000 video projects per day using the online platform.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based WeVideo, which launched in fall 2011, is actually a spinoff from a European venture called Creaza, which offers a similar, but education-focused, movie editor to a quarter million students across Europe. As opposed to desktop editing software, which is restricted by the computer hardware, WeVideo’s online video editing solution can scale up processing speeds on demand, based on the end user’s needs. As users move up through the company’s paid tiers, speeds increase, as does the available storage space and video resolution.

In addition, videographers can collaborate on projects together, where all project members can share their video clips via a single interface. (This feature is available to paid users only).

As it enters its General Availability status, WeVideo has settled on pricing for its freemium service. The free version offers 1 GB of workspace and scales up to offerings that range from $6.99 to $79.99 per month for 10 to 100 GB of workspace, as well as varying export qualities and additional features. An enterprise version will also be available (pricing available upon request), which will allow organizations to integrate WeVideo into their existing products or services.

The enterprise version includes a configuration layer that allows companies to add their own branding, full API level support, a centralized shared storage architecture and advanced administrative controls for collaboration, editing, management review and video export options.

Says CEO Jostein Svendsen, the company expects that it will amass over a million users by the end of 2012.