Asus To Launch The Padfone Next Month At Mobile World Congress

Last May Asus took the wraps off the Padfone in a rather strange fashion. The revel was epic, really, with Asus’ chief doing his best Steve Jobs impersonation (embedded below), introduced the world to the PadFone, a tablet with a dockable phone. It’s a novel product for sure, but it’s still not here. In fact, it’s not launching at CES 2012 but rather next month at Mobile World Congress.

The company is making the rounds here at CES, where it does not have a massive showing, handing out invites to next month’s event. But even then, the product is still probably several weeks (or months) away from hitting retailers.

Asus previously stated that it was going to make a big tablet push in 2012. The PadFone is likely a piece of that strategy although the company cant’ expect it to live outside of the Android fanboys. It’s clearly an awesome, but still niche, device.