Not Bad, LG Marketing, Not Bad

Watch first, then read. Or just watch, that’s cool too.

I just have to say bravo to the team that put this together. Simple, funny, and gets the point across. Sure, the slimmer TVs get, the less I care about how slim they are (who really needs that extra half a millimeter?), but I can still get faced in an ad like this and own it.

The fact that there is no overt LG branding other than the sign on the store suggests it is either a viral attempt or just a spec ad created by an agency and rejected (lots of promo stuff gets posted this way). It was filmed (at least the outdoor portion) in a town in the Netherlands called Hilversum, according to a Redditor who recognized the locale. That doesn’t have much to do with anything, but it’s pretty great that someone popped up within a couple hours with the exact location.

You can tell it’s fake though (aside from the fact that it’s obviously fake) because security cameras don’t generally record in 720p. It’s the little things, viral marketers!