Free Facebook cards from Moo are going like very hot cakes

Some 24 hours after we broke the news that Facebook had engaged Moo to be the sole creator of its new ‘social’ business cards service we have some exclusive numbers on what that deal is translating into.

The promotion of 200,000 free packs of 50 cards is on a first come, first served basis. However the offer is capped at 5,000 orders per day (that’s 250,000 cards per day) in order, Moo says, to ensure a “strong ethos of customer service and to make it fair.”

At this rate, it will take 40 days for Moo to finish it’s free offer. Thereafter the cards will cost £10/£15. You can try and get yours here.

However on launch yesterday, Moo sold out within 2 hours. That’s pretty amazing, but then Facebook does have 800+ million users.

And, we’re told, demand is increasing. Today’s card availability was snapped up by 6.00am GMT and card orders have come in from 87 countries so far.

Plus, the customers most likely to snap up this deal are going to be in Europe, or early risers in New York, because the site is asking unlucky users to “check back around breakfast time tomorrow in Rhode Island, USA (ET).” or, in the UK, “around lunchtime in London, UK (GMT).”

However, with cards going at that rate, it looks you’re going to have to order at 12.01am UK time at this rate to get any.

So, snooze, you lose, quite literally.