Online Ad Confirms A Sprint-Bound Galaxy Nexus (Update: With 1.5GHz Processor)

Well that was… timely. It was just a little while ago that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse dropped some details about his company’s forthcoming network, and now a Sprint Galaxy Nexus ad has just appeared on CNET’s website.

It’s slated as being the company’s first LTE phone, which according to Hesse’s LTE timeline indicates a launch during the first half of 2012. If this ad proves to be legitimate (and I’ve got all my fingers crossed), Sprint customers may truly be rewarded for their patience. Hovering over the bottom right touchpoint reveals a very tantalizing tidbit: Sprint’s variant will apparently have a 1.5GHz processor instead of the 1.2GHz proc as seen in the international and Verizon models. Wow.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Galaxy Nexus was mistakenly outed before an official announcement — one of Verizon’s holiday ads got some play on Android fansites over Thanksgiving weekend, and it too outed the Galaxy Nexus. The ad itself seems tied to a “CES Live Feed,” so it’s very possible that we could see this very device when the TechCrunch Gadgets team heads for Vegas.

Update: The ad already seems to have disappeared from the page in question, but here are some screenshots that I snapped for posterity: