Animoto Learns To Play Friendly With Instagram, Now Pulls Photos In Directly

It’s not a bad day for Instagram. First came the announcement that they were 2011 Crunchies Finalists. Shortly thereafter, they finally figured out how to push fullsize Instagrams to your Facebook Timeline. Capping off the day, automatic video slideshow service Animoto has launched full, built-in Instagram support.

If you missed our previous Animoto coverage, here’s all you need to know: you take your photos and video clips, and you put them into Animoto. It spits out something like this:

Animoto’s CEO Brad Jefferson tells us that Instagram support comes “as a response to strong customer feedback” — in other words, people have been asking for this for a while now. Alas, it’s a web-only trick for now; while the Animoto iPhone app will be getting Instagram support in time, mobile users will need to push things from Instagram to the Camera Roll to Animoto for the time being.