The Samsung DA-E750 Is A Speaker Dock For Wannabe Audiophiles

There is a surefire way to improve the look and feel of any audio device: add vacuum tubes. These ancient electronic valves drip with nostalgia. Traditionally only high-end analog audio devices employ vacuum tubes as audio nerds proclaim they produce a richer, warmer sound. But Samsung is smart. They know that simply adding several trivial vacuum tubes to an otherwise mundane wireless speaker will increase its appeal (and justify a higher price tag). It’s working on this wannabe audiophile. I want this speaker.

The DA-E750 speaker dock sports a 2.1-channel speaker setup and a 100 watt amplifier. The vacuum tubes are used in a hybrid manner that also utilizes digital amps. Samsung claims this device is the first speaker dock on the market to sport docking stations for both the Galaxy S and iOS devices including the iPad. However, in the provided pic, it’s not exactly clear how that’s done. The speaker dock allows for wireless playback through both Sasmung’s AllShare, Apple’s Airplay and good ol’ Bluetooth. There’s also a USB port for direct playback from a flash drive.

No word on pricing or availability. Samsung will likely release those details next week at CES.