Chairman Roy Bostock: Expect Yahoo To Remain A Public Company

As you may have heard, Yahoo finally has a new CEO: PayPal president Scott Thompson will be serving that particular, unambiguously difficult role.

We hopped on the conference call Yahoo orchestrated for the occasion, and picked up on some interesting things said by Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock on the future of the company.

Bostock said, in no uncertain terms, that Yahoo is currently, and will likely stay a public company. In other words: so much for the full buyout scenario.

According to our notes, Bostock said:

“I do not envision not being a public company going forward.

I think we’d have one hell of a challenge [to take it private]. We are a public company, we expect to run it as a public company going forward. It is kind of a moot issue going forward.”

Bostock also – somewhat – addressed Yahoo’s oh-so-important Asian assets, claiming that the appointment of Thompson as chief executive in these tumultuous times for the company will not be causing any slowdowns or delays in any of the processes currently underway:

“In looking at the alternatives in the review, whatever alternatives we are looking at, there will be no slowdown or delay in that process. Scott will climb onboard, has caught up to those processes. There will be no delay as we move forward.

[This] will not be a distraction for Scott. He will jump on the running boards of the car as it is moving along.”

And we’ll be standing by the side of the road to see what happens to it next.