The Cord-On-Board iPhone Case Hides A Charging Cable Inside

After a decade of iPods, Apple’s little white charging cable seem to be pretty much everywhere these days. Open a random drawer, there one will sit. Ask a pack of strangers, “Hey — anyone got an iPhone cable?” and half a dozen will be thrown your way. At this point, it’s almost hard to not be within reach of one… until you actually need one. Then the damned things seemingly don’t exist.

Looking to make sure no iThing owner is ever caught out-and-about without a charging cable in tow is the Cord-On-Board, a (rather cleverly named) shock-resistant iPhone case with a 9.5″ charging cable tucked inside.

To state the obvious: yeah, the whole there’s-a-cable-jammed-inside thing makes the case a bit… hefty. That’s where the “shock-resistance” comes in; as they had a bit of room to play, the guys at CaseInity built the case out of a rubbery thermoplastic material, ensuring that the case takes the brunt of most falls. It’s chubby, but with plenty of good reason.

Alas, this thing has a way to go before it finds its way into the real world. The designers are currently fightin’ for funding on Kickstarter, where they’ve raised about $1k of the $20k they’re aiming for. $25 bucks in their funding bucket gets you one of the first cases off the line.