CallidusCloud Acquires Marketing Automation SaaS LeadFormix For $9 Million Cash

Sales effectiveness cloud SaaS company Callidus Software Inc today announced its acquisition of LeadFormix, a B2B cloud-based lead intelligence SaaS. LeadFormix lets B2B vendors turn anonymous visits to their websites into qualified leads by identifying potential customers and reporting their intent. This solution will join the Callidus multi-tenant SaaS sales performance and effectiveness solutions that help companies hire better sales people, close deals, and incentivize sales performance.

The acquisition will bring LeadFormix’s 200 SaaS customers to Callidus, which already serves AETNA, Nokia, Citrix, and JPMorgan Chase. Callidus will now have over 1100 customers, and will build upon its existing 2.5 million user base.

LeadFormix’s CEO Srihari Kumar says “Sales and Marketing collaboration is a hot market. LeadFormix’ focus on sales and marketing alignment together with CallidusCloud’s Sales Collaboration portal, Commissions, and Coaching solutions presents a huge opportunity.” With their products combined, Callidus will have serious might in the sales effectiveness space. LeadFormix data on what a potential customer might want to buy will assist CallidusCloud-powered sales people make the right value propositions when negotiating with potential customers.

Just over a year ago, Callidus acquired sales coaching and talent development platform ForceLogix for $3.75 million. The publicly traded Callidus had a strong Q4 2011, bouncing back up to the $6.40 range after falling as low $4.05 in September. Following the LeadFormix acquisition news, the Callidus Software Inc [CALD] stock price rose by 0.94% to reach $6.48 at close.