Sony Slashes Tablet S Price By $100

Apple’s iPad still dominates the tablet market, and it would seem that competing tab makers are realizing how tough it is to go head-to-head with Apple’s tablet. The latest proof: Sony has just slashed $100 off of the price of its Tablet S. In other words, the 32GB Tablet S just went from $600 to $500, while the 16GB model has dropped from $500 to $400.

As of right now the greatest threat to Apple’s tablet empire is Amazon’s $200 Kindle Fire. Why? Well, aside from the fact that it’s a solid little tablet with access to all of Amazon’s media platforms, it also happens to be pretty cheap. This leaves just about anything Android-powered that falls between the iPad 2 and the Fire in a very difficult position.

Figuring out a comfortable price relatively early is a smart move by Sony. The company is clearly trying to learn from its competitors. No one wants their tab to go the way of the TouchPad.

Check out our full review of the Sony Tablet S, and if it sounds right for you head over to the Sony Store and get the ball rolling.