Sleep Buster: Japanese Company Develops Anti-Sleep Driver Seat Sheet

There are quite a few systems and gadgets on the market already that prevent people from falling asleep whilst driving, but Japan-based Juki has developed an entirely new one: a sheet [JP, PDF] that can be mounted on the driver’s seat and triggers an alarm when you’re about to doze off.

The way the so-called Sleep Buster works is that it measures signals from the heart and aorta through a built-in sensor. A piece of software called “Human Tachometer” then visualizes the condition of the driver on a controller: apart from fatigue or drowsiness, users can also check their level of concentration or how distracted they are, for example.

Juki says the Sleep Buster measures the driver’s bio signals every 18 seconds and can warn drivers about 10 minutes before they fall asleep – enough time to find a place to rest (and to prevent possible accidents).

Juki plans to start selling the Sleep Buster next month (price in Japan: US$2,000 – including the sheet, controller, and a power module). The company is also active in the US but hasn’t said yet whether the device will be sold outside Japan, too.

Via Asiajin