Founder And Former CEO Of Lands $1.5M For ‘Grokr’

Srivats Sampath has raised $1.5 million for a new startup called Grokr, an SEC filing shows.

Currently an Executive-in-Residence at VC firm U.S. Venture Partners, Sampath is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Mercora, the company behind the (now defunct) music discovery tool He was previously founder and CEO at (now an Intel company).

Before that, Sampath was a vice president at Netscape Communications. He’s been around the block a few times, in other words.

That said, there’s absolutely no telling what Grokr is going to be all about, but the placeholder website says the startup will shortly be “unleashing the cognitive Web for a post-PC world” – which has to be one of the most jibberish pitches I’ve ever read.

We’ll learn more later this month, when Grokr is poised for launch.