Someone Is Selling An Apple “Five Year Employee Award” On eBay, For $2K

Today in employee loyalty and the slow winter tech news cycle, someone is selling an Apple “Five Year Employee Award,” on eBay, for $2K if you want to buy it now. While the immediate impulse of you cynical, cynical people is to yell “FAKE” as loud as you can in the comments section, sources are telling me it looks legit. You can’t argue with “sources.”

It just so happens that the name of the Apple employee in question is blurred out in the item thumbnail, meaning one of two things, either the person is dumb enough to be selling his own Apple “Five Year Employee award, or somehow procured it from a particularly steadfast Apple employee (friend, garage sale, robbery?).

The most intriguing thing about the seller’s guesstimate of market value is that so many of us are so fascinated with the culture behind Apple at this point that someone honestly thinks someone else is willing to pay two grand for a robo-signed Steve Jobs “signature.”  Or a hoodie that’s “like the one given to Apple employees.” Lololol at “like.”

Even if it is real, what are the chances Jobs even looked at this thing? Or any of these things?

Hey person that buys this, I’ve got a “signed” Christmas card from Obama I’m selling for 4k … You can find me on Twitter here.