Find Out Which Brands Are Winning On Google+ With ZoomSphere (Hint: Android is #1)

Facebook has AppData, Twitter has Twitaholic, and now Google+ has its own independent brand page rankings site: ZoomSphere. It shows which brands have the most followers, activity, +1s, shares, and comments, and slice the data by time, page category, and country. Oddly, the site doesn’t rank user profiles like SocialStatistics does — just brand pages. Still, by augmenting its existing charts for Facebook and Twitter, ZoomSphere could become a comprehensive resource for brands charting their own performance, assessing competitors, or scoping for potential partners.

So who’s winning six weeks after Google+ launched brand pages? Mostly news outlets, bands, and technology companies. Considering that Google+ is notorious for Google fanboys, it’s little surprise that Android tops the international follower charts, and 6 Google properties reside in the top 25. Mashable, The New York Times, Breaking News, and TechCrunch are all in the top 20. The most popular bands reveal a slightly more mature demographic on Google+, with older acts like Coldplay, Train, and Pearl Jam ranking significantly higher than on Facebook or Twitter.

No brands have come close to reaching 1 million followers, while only 3 individuals — Britney Spears, Larry Page, and Snoop Dogg — have accomplished the feat. This shows that mainstream users who casually subscribe to lots of their favorite brands and celebrities haven’t joined Google+’s 63 million registered users yet. Instead, avid technologists and news readers courted by the social network’s invite-only launch seem to make up its core user base.

One myth that could be dispelled by ZoomSphere’s charts? That there are no women on Google+. High rankings for country duo Sugarland, Burberry, and H&M which claims the #4 spot seem to suggest otherwise.

In terms of features and feel, ZoomSphere offers a solid product. Charts and graphs look polished, its easy to compare different pages, and the option to view by country reveals some interesting demographic distinctions. For example, Dell ranks #17 worldwide, but as #2 in the UK, showing Apple’s rise might not be so swift in Britain.

Some features that could improve ZoomSphere would be Google+ user profile charts, and the ability to view a single brand across its Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ presences. Established market research providers have been slow to launch Google+ brand charts, giving ZoomSphere an opportunity to become the go-to source for this data. Now it just needs Google to improve these pages so more brands actually want them.

Here’s the complete top 20 chart of Google+ brand pages by follower count as of 12/28/2011: 

  1. Android – 289,000
  2. Coldplay – 180,000
  3. Mashable – 179,000
  4. H&M – 166,000
  5. Train – 160,000
  6. The All-American Rejects – 158,000
  7. Marvel – 157,00
  8. Linkin Park – 156,000
  9. Pearl Jam – 152,000
  10. Sugarland – 148,000
  11. The New York Times – 139,000
  12. Breaking News – 131,000
  13. TechCrunch – 129,000
  14. Google Chrome – 129,000
  15. Anderson Cooper 360 – 118,000
  16. – 118,000
  17. Dell – 117,000
  18. Google+ – 115,000
  19. Good Morning America – 115,000
  20. ESPN – 103,000