Trademark Watch: What Is “Yahoo Axis”?

Last Friday, troubled Internet giant Yahoo filed a new trademark application with the USPTO. I can’t find any record of an existing Yahoo product or service by the name, so I figured I should just throw it out here for all of you to speculate what the company has up its sleeves.

The name, before I forget to mention it, is Yahoo Axis. That will make you none the wiser, but perhaps the classes and descriptions might:

International Class 038: Telecommunications services; namely, providing access to computer database via the internet; transmission of information over the internet or other communications networks; telecommunication services, namely, the transmission of data and information

International Class 042: Computer services, namely, creating indexes of information, sites, and other resources available on computer networks; searching and retrieving information, sites, and other resources available on computer networks for others; providing an online link to news, weather, sports, current events, and reference material

Your guess is as good as mine, and the comment floor is yours. What is Yahoo Axis?