Streamonomy: Radionomy Opens Platform To Online, Traditional Radio Stations Alike

Radionomy, which enables people to create and listen to radio stations online, is preparing the launch of a new service dubbed Streamonomy, which will essentially open up its platform to external radio stations, whether they broadcast online or the traditional, simulcast FM way.

Streamonomy will also be available to online radio stations not produced with Radionomy, although the option to do so will of course remain available, free of charge.

Radionomy has been growing by leaps and bounds this year, particularly in certain, large European countries, and by opening its ‘socialization’ and monetization platform to outside radio stations the company aims to accelerate this growth and attack new markets, including the US.

One of the core services Radionomy offers to radio station operators is Adionomy, which enables advertisers to target a specific region or country (e.g. a radio station in the United States could run ads exclusively for French listeners, or even only those in, say, the Bourgogne area).

Streamonomy is expected to debut in the first half of January 2012.

Radionomy, a Belgian-French venture, has raised about $2 million to date, but is currently in the midst of closing a $15 million funding round from a French investment bank.