VideoCam3D For iOS Lets You Shoot & Convert Movies To 3D

NXP Software, developer of the CineXPlayer mobile application, is launching a new iOS app for recording and converting video into 3D. The app, VideoCam3D, lets you record in both blue/red and split screen 3D and works in conjunction with the CineXPlayer video viewing app, which also supports 3D movie playback.

While you obviously need an iOS device with a camera in order to record in 3D, those with iOS devices that lack a camera (like the older model iPad and iPod Touches) can still use the app for 3D conversions. Using iTunes’ “file sharing” feature, you can connect your device to your PC or Mac in order to import videos you recorded elsewhere, then convert them to 3D using the app.

For those unfamiliar, file sharing is the feature in iTunes that lets you transfer files between an iOS device and a computer via supported apps. It’s located on the “Apps” tab for your device in iTunes.

There are just a few video controls in VideoCam3D: a slider bar for 3D “Intensity,” the output type (glasses or split screen) and the intended viewing device (mobile, tablet or TV). When the conversion is complete, the movie is saved to your camera roll, if available, as well as within the app for transfer back to the PC.

The lite (free) version of the app will allow you to try, convert and play, but the paid ($0.99) app lets you save and share the 3D movies you make VideoCam3D from here in iTunes.

Demo video below (note, not my cat):