YouWeb’s MoviePal Wants To Be The Shazam For Watching Movie Trailers

A new startup is launching out of incubator YouWeb today that aims to make watching movie trailers more social. MoviePal, an iOS app, allows you to watch movie trailers and share them with friends.

The MoviePal app allows you to watch movie trailers via your phone. The app sources trailers from YouTube, Flixster and other video sites that post trailers. But in case you don’t want to filter through all the trailers available and listed, you can use a Shazam-like feature to tag a movie trailer that you are watching on TV or in the movie theatre.

Instead of having to sort through all the available trailers in the app, you can press a button on the app, wait 10 seconds for it to analyze and ID, and then save the trailer for later. MoviePal identifies a trailer, much like Shazam does to recognize music. You can also see which movies are playing in a theater near you, and the app will keep track of the movies you want to watch and alert you when a movie you tag comes out in theaters.

From the app, you can watch the trailer again, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and set a time to meet up to go to the film once it opens. MoviePal says it is targeting the $4 billion dollar movie trailer advertising industry to make it more interactive and social.

MoviePal is the brainchild of YouWeb EIRs Suneet Shah and Rohan Relan (who is YouWeb founder Peter Relan’s nephew). MoviePal faces competition from YC-backed Can’t Wait.