OnLive Now Playing Friendly With The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

Does anyone out there actually own Sony Ericsson’s handset-formerly-known-as-Playstation-phone, the Xperia Play? I’ve never seen one in the wild. Not once.

If any Play owners are out there reading: A) raise your hand, and B) know that your device learned a cool new trick today. That fancy slide-out gamepad built into your device? It’s now compatible with OnLive’s crazy gaming-in-the-cloud service.

For the unfamiliar, OnLive allows you to use your smartphone to play a rather wide selection of games (around 200, currently) that would otherwise only be playable on big ol’ beefy computers. The games are actually being rendered/played on OnLive’s servers, then streamed back-and-forth to your handset with surprisingly little (but still perceptible) delay.

With today’s update, Xperia PLAY owners can use their device’s built-in gamepad to play any of OnLive’s titles. For everyone who didn’t buy Sony Ericsson’s wonky (but kind of neat ((but mostly wonky))) gaming portable, there’s always the standalone Bluetooth controller.