Streamglider Takes On Flipboard And Pulse With Sleek Social Interest And News Reader For The iPad

Streamglider is launching its iPad app today, hoping to disrupt the tablet news consumption and social reader space. Despite competition from Flipboard, Pulse, and many others, Streamglider believes that it provides the most comprehensive iPad experience to date for tracking your social streams, RSS feeds and more via the iPad.

The free iPad app allows you to import your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Google Reader and more into a single stream. You can mix and mash multiple sources together (via a drag and drop interface) to create specific topic-focused streams, and share these streams with others. Streamglider will also provide designated streams of content around specific subjects as well.

In terms of the technology itself, you can view your streams in a variety of modes, including a grid-like, newsreader style. Any item can be tapped to preview, share with friends via Facebook and Twitter, or saved for future reading. Streams of content frames flow across the screen, and can come from multiple sources, showing images, news items, videos, social media updates, and more. Each item has an icon or watermark to indicate the type of content (Facebook status update, Twitter tweet, RSS news item, Flickr photograph, YouTube video).

You can zoom in on grid to the point at which a stream becomes full screen into slideshow mode, which is almost like a digital picture frame, or a projection at a conference. You can leave the app running in slideshow mode and view content as it refreshes constantly and ticks by.

And you can also transition into a magazine mode, similar to Flipboard, for a newspaper-like experience. You can read an entire story without exiting to a browser as each story can scroll independently on the page.

In terms of the business model, Streamglider is pursuing a white-label business model, allowing publishers to build their own ‘Streamglider’ for their audiences with advertising and more. Streamglider, which plans to open-source part of its software as well, will also offer a pro-version for consumers that will not include advertising and allows users to create unlimited mashups of streams (the free version limits these mashups). The startup plans to announce publisher partners and the white label release in early 2012.

Streamglider was founded by Nova Spivack, Bill McDaniel, and John Breslin.

Spivack compares the user experience to being able to switch between TV channels. “Streamglider’s experience is designed for realtime world of streams, and it allows users to view all the content they want in place in a variety of ways.”