Don’t Hold Your Breath For That Nexus S ICS Update — It’s Been Paused

Still anxiously sitting by your Nexus S, awaiting that Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update that started rolling out a few days ago? You might want to take a break. Go outside, go dancing, maybe go rewatch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (it is the 10th anniversary of Fellowship, afterall); for the time being, it appears that the Nexus S’ big update has been delayed.

According to a forum post by Google Community Manager Paul Wilcox, the company has paused the update in a number of regions while they “monitor feedback”.

“Monitor feedback” in this case is likely a nice way of saying “a bunch of people are reporting issues, and we’re trying to figure out why.”

Issues with the update seem to be a bit of a mixed bag. For many, it seems to work just fine; for others, the OS seems to be spinning its gears and inexplicably gobbling up a huge chunk of the battery at a faster rate. For others yet, wireless signal seems to have tanked.

Curiously, a number of users are still seeing the update alert come through, even after it was purportedly “paused”… only to have it cancel itself out at the last second. In other words: If you see that lovely little alert box pop up in the next few hours, don’t get too excited until you’re sure everything is in working order.

We’ve reached out to Google for clarification, insight on where exactly it’s been paused, and when we might expect to see the update resume. We’ll let you know if we hear back.