Kindle Fire On Track For Hundreds Of Millions Of Monthly Ad Impressions; Growing Faster Than The iPad In Early 2010

Mobile ad network Millennial Media is releasing its monthly data for November. While Millennial, which is the largest independent mobile ad network, has focused on tracking iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Phone 7 impressions, this month also brought data on a new device: Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The tablet device, which was released in mid-November, is seeing ad impressions from the grow at an average daily rate of 19% since its launch. Millennial says it’s not just seeing millions of impressions and the device is on a monthly run rate of hundreds of millions of impressions.

In fact, the Kindle Fire’s impression growth on the platform has slightly outpaced that of the iPad when the iPad launched in early 2010. Millennial says that though the Kindle Fire has been introduced into a more mature tablet market than the market which greeted the original iPad, Amazon’s entertainment-focused platform and the lower price point could have helped drive this early use by consumers.

For the 12th month in a row, Android led the Connected Device and Smartphone OS Mix on Millennial’s platform with 50% of the impressions. iOS grew 7% month-over-month, with 30 percent of the impression share on the network, followed by RIM with 17%.

Because of the popularity of smartphones and connected devices, touch screen remains as the leading Input Method on the network with 65% of the impression share. Smartphones led the Smartphone, Feature Phone & Connected Device Impression Share mix, with 70% of the impressions in November. Connected Devices grew 14% month-over-month and represented 16% of the impressions.

In November, Wi-Fi grew 11% month-over-month and accounted for 39% of the Carrier Mix. Within Wi-Fi, smartphones made up 62% of all Wi-Fi impressions on Millennial’s platform. Connected Devices, including Tablets, gaming devices, and eReaders, accounted for 38% of the Wi-Fi impressions on Millennial’s network.

In terms of manufacturers, Apple continued its reign as the leading device manufacturer on
Millennial in November, representing 26% of the Top 15 Manufacturers impression share. The iPhone grew 8% month-over-month and maintained the number one position on the Top 20 Mobile Phones ranking, with 14% of the impression share.

Samsung followed with the number two position on the Top 15 Manufacturers ranking in November, representing 17% of the impression share. HTC represented 13% of the Top 15 Manufacturers ranking with four phones on the Top 20 Mobile Phones list with a combined impression share of 9%. Android devices represented 14 of the Top 20 Mobile Phones list in November, with a combined impression share of 29%.

IDC recently revealed that Millennial is now the second largest network when it comes to mobile display ads, behind Google. Millennial’s share are up to 17 percent from 15 percent in 2010, passing Apple, which has been losing its share of mobile ad impressions. And Millennial is reportedly in talks with bankers to pursue an IPO early next year. Clearly 2012 will be a big year for Millennial.