Kickstarter: spnKiX Are Motorized Shoes – Yes, Motorized Shoes

Some projects you want to succeed just because they’re something the world should have. Even if they’d be expensive, dangerous, and probably not as cool as you want them to be. Case in point: spnKiX, a pair of battery-powered skates that scoot you around at up to 10MPH, and look as futuristic as they sound.

They do indeed look like something from the future, though after a few hours of racing through trash and dust, they’ll look like a little more 21st century. I’m not a fan of the stylized name, but maybe in the future vowels are precious and the letter C has been eliminated. So I’ll let it fly.

They’ve already gone through some design versions and the Kickstarter campaign is to pay for the initial production costs. The full retail cost will be $650, though you can get a pair if you pledge $500 now. I’d wait for the reviews, personally, but hey, how many people pre-ordered Segways? Enough, apparently.

The wheeled shoes contain a motor and battery, last for about two or three miles, and are controlled (to my slight disappointment) by a little wireless handheld remote. I guess a lean-based system wasn’t really practical. But I don’t think I’ll be buying rocket shoes or wheelies until there’s something a little more elegant. But in the meantime it will be a comfort to my inner child that these things at least exist.