Keen On… Carmine Gallo: The Innovation and Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs (TCTV)

It’s not every American who can wow Paris. But earlier this month at Le Web, the author and communications expert, Carmine Gallo, impressed a Gallic audience with a brilliant speech about the innovation secrets of Steve Jobs. But whatever Loic can do, TechCrunchTV can do better, so we invited Carmine into our San Francisco studio to give us his own intimate insight into Steve Jobs’ innovation and presentation secrets.

As the author of both the Innovation and Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Gallo might even rival Walter Isaacson for his insights into the Apple icon.  But while Isaacson is an expert on the narrative of Jobs’ life, Gallo’s special knowledge lies in his understanding of Jobs’ creative abilities. As he told me, Steve Jobs’ most important strength lay in his ability to transform products into dreams. And this can’t be faked, Gallo argues. To sell desire requires passion; and to turn products into dreams requires us to pursue our own dreams.

This is the first of a two part interview with Gallo. Tomorrow, he reveals The Power of Foursquare.