Eeve creates location-based photo groups, and it works

Eeve is an iPhone app [iTunes link] that allows people to create location-based photo albums that sort of clump together to document events. There are hits and misses in this space. Gowalla tried to get people to tell stories with check-ins and photos. Color, and largely failed, to group location with photos. The EyeEm app introduces a location-based element. Few apps have really captured the imagination, other than maybe Instagram, but that won’t let you ‘join’ a location-based group. Eeve does.

Launching out of public beta today, Eeve thinks it can solve this location issue with temporary photo albums or what they call ‘Eeves’. A person taking the first photo at a certain time and location starts an Eeve group. Everybody else also at the same location can simply join and participate (without asking, based on location). Not bad for weddings and parties!

The latest version means you don;t need to think hard about starting an Eeve group, or search for an Eeve group at your location. You just take photos and Eeve does everything in the background, so if you are the first person at a certain time and location taking a photo, you start the Eeve and if somebody else already started one, Eeve displays that Eeve while taking the photo and your photo will be added to the same Eeve location group. There also are lots more tagging and sharing option now.

The team of four founders started Eeve while finishing their degrees at UCL and the startup is bootstrapped.

Personally I see this being most useful at conferences, but I’d like to see a web platform where you can see the images. Still, Instagram hasn’t done too badly without one so far…

A combination of Eeve and Sharypic would be very cool.