Casio Cancels Its CES 2012 Press Conference

Hopefully you weren’t looking forward to Casio’s CES 2012 press conference. It’s not going happen. The Japanese manufacturer just sent us a note indicating that while they will still be at the show, “we are not prepared yet to announce our future plans.”

Casio used an 45 minute long press conference to announce several cameras at CES 2011. The highlight, at least in Casio’s eyes, was in-camera and online picture editing tools that attempts to simulate HDR modes. CES 2012’s press was originally scheduled for 1:00 pm on Monday, January 9th. Seeing how many outlets were left underwhelmed by last year’s odd demos of crappy picture modes (full video here), it’s not that surprising that Casio pulled its upcoming press conference if the company wasn’t fully ready.

Thank you for not wasting our time, Casio. Thank you.