Atomico invests €350,000 in simple file-sharing startup

Atomico, the venture capital firm founded by Skype founder Niklas Zennström, has invested 350,000 euros in Denmark-based, which offers an eponymous Web-based file sharing service. is simple, clean, and useful. Like many file-sharing services, makes it easy for people to shoot files to the cloud so they can be shared with others, all from a browser-based application.

Since launching in November 2010, has attracted 425,000 users.

The service is free for registered users up to 2 GB of storage, and users without an account get 250 MB for free. Today, is also introducing a paid version for more storage, from $5 per month (5 GB) to $20 per month (100 GB). currently employs four developers (including the two founders, Tobias Baunbæk and Mathias Buus Madsen) and a designer, and the company says the funding will allow them to make new hires.

How the investment came about is a fairly interesting story. Mattias Ljungman, one of Atomico’s partner, was recently a judge at an entrepreneurship competition organized by Venture Cup in Denmark, which was won by (netting them 6,700 euros).

This led to a small seed investment, and then a later investment, together totaling 350,000 euros.

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