Market Research Tool AskYourTargetMarket Goes Free

TC50 DemoPit company from the long-ago times of 2009, AskYourTargetMarket, is now making its market research tool available for free. With the service’s most recent update, companies, startups and individuals will be allowed to send an unlimited number of surveys for free, when the recipient is a peer, client, or friend or follower on a social networking site. However, when a business needs AYTM’s international panel to answer questions, there will still be a charge.

Unlike many other survey tools, AYTM is different because it allows you to specifically direct your questions to a target audience based on their psychographic and demographic characteristics.

The international panel provided by the company recently added respondents in Canada, the U.K., Australia and India, in addition to the panelists already available in the U.S. The entire platform reach is now at 4.5 million respondents as of this fall.

Survey respondents can answer questions online, or, as of this recent update, on mobile. Both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets are supported – all the respondent has to do is click a link and the survey opens in the mobile browser. The experience is optimized for mobile, even including features like drag-and-drop (for reorder and sliders type questions), which are typically found only on desktop surveys.

The surveys have been improved, too, with added support for answer randomization and the ability to set the minimum and maximum number of checkboxes that can be selected for particular questions.

The price per complete for AYTM’s panel usage starts at $0.95, but, as noted above, the service itself is now free to use for anyone just looking for an online surveying platform to use with their own list.

To date, the company has completed over 20.5 million surveys since its public launch just over 2 years ago.

You can check out the new update to AskYourTargetMarket here.