Google Doles Out Googlicious Galaxy Nexii To Employees

‘Tis the season of giving, and who better to get in the holiday spirit than employers (hint, hint!)? Google is certainly in a generous mood, as they’ve begun hooking up employees with a special edition Galaxy Nexus. Software engineer Edu Pereda of Google’s Zurich offices posted a gallery of the phone in all its Googlified glory.

Meanwhile, Google employees in London are also receiving the special edition G-Nex, The Next Web confirms. With folks in Zurich and London nabbing the limited edition phone, it only makes sense that other Google employees across the world will get one, too.

A Galaxy Nexus is a wonderful gift in itself (again: HINT!), but this limited edition model is about as good as it gets. Drool on, my fellow phone geeks. Drool on.