Video: The Interactive Angry Birds Christmas Lights Display

Eat your heart out, Clark Griswold.

This fully interactive Christmas lights display should erase any doubt that Angry Birds is an ubiquitous fixture in pop culture. Rovio’s game was everywhere this year from unofficial Chinese themeparks, to a cookbooks and mooncakes. Rovio’s CMO Peter Vesterbacka’s wife even wore an Angry Birds formal gown to a state gala. But all of those appearances pale in comparison to this interactive holiday lights creation.

The builder clearly found a niche. This isn’t his first go at such a display. He ported Guitar Hero to Christmas lights in 2009, which allowed for real games thanks to the Guitar Hero controller. This time around players use a slingshot-style controller and the cord is even long enough to reach people’s cars where audio is provided over a low-power FM transmitter. But the game is the same. Pull birds back in anger and let them fly at the evil pigs.