Google Doodles Come To Shirts, Mugs & Stickers Via Google’s New Zazzle Store

Can’t get enough Google Doodles? Apparently, there’s a big demand for the iconic redesigns of the Google logo which celebrate holidays, historic events and famous people, places and things. Today, Google has given its online Doodles archive a makeover and has launched an accompanying Zazzle store, allowing you to buy your favorite Doodle emblazoned on the product of your choice.

Zazzle, as you probably know, is the print-on-demand marketplace that lets users upload their own artwork in order to sell custom products like t-shirts, hoodies, coffee cups, stickers, posters, and a wide array of home and office goods.

The new Google Zazzle store (that’s fun to say) now features hundreds of Google Doodles, organized by year, going all the way back to 2000.

In addition, the Google Doodle online archive, which once only featured static images, now includes more interactive Doodles, allowing you to do things like “enjoy front-row tickets to a Martha Graham dance, send the first man to space or learn more about why one doodler decided to ‘cartoonize’ Mary Blair,” explains Googler Ying Wang on the company’s blog.

Unfortunately, the animations are only available for select Doodles. Clicking through to others, it’s apparent that many are still just regular images. But the site’s makeover did bring the refreshed Google look-and-feel as well as new filters at the top that let you search Doodles by year and country.

You can check out the new Google Doodle site here.