New “Android Training” Program Helps Developers Make Better Apps

Listen up, Android developers: if you’re spinning your wheels on a particular project, or are just looking for some new best practices, Google’s Android team may have exactly what you need.

The team has just recently rolled out a new beta initiative called Android Training, which as you may be able to tell from the name, is meant to teach developers how to create better apps.

The new (and free!) program spans a number of topics, from monetizing an app to optimizing a device’s battery life to developing apps for an enterprise. The list goes on, and each “class” goes into pretty considerable depth, so there’s plenty of meat for developers to dig into. To wit: developers looking to up their game can pore over the program’s many articles, tutorials, and sample code snippets for just the inspiration they need to make their new (or existing) app a winner.

It’s still early days for Android Training, and the team hopes to expand the program’s scope to include new topics and courses over the next few months. In the meantime though, developers can jump into the program now to see what they could be doing better.