SocialFolders Is A Directory For All Of Your Social Content On The Web

SocialFolders is publicly launching its application which allows you to manage, sync and file any of your social content on the web. Basically the startup acts as a central repository and directory for your Facebook photos, videos, documents and more.

After downloading the app on your computer, you can connect to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and a host of other social services. SocialFolders will find the content, including photos, videos, docs and other files, and then will create an easy directory you can manage locally of all these files. You can organize, sync and even back up anything you want from the social web.

For example, you can collect all the photos your friends have tagged of you on Facebook in an organized album. The app will also sync those pics to other photo sites such as Flickr or Picasa.

Users can also connect with Google Docs, work on documents offline, and SocialFolders will automatically sync the changes back to Google Docs in the form of new revisions in that doc.

The startup’s founder Philippe Honigman says that there are so many social platforms that users store content, whether it be YouTube Videos, Facebook photos, documents and more, and there needs to be centralized, organized place where people can actually see all this content in one place.