Smart Magazine Is my6sense’s Flipboard With Digital Intuition

Back in May, my6sense raised another $1.1 million to continue pushing its digital intuition technology to market.

Today, the company is releasing a brand new product called ‘Smart Magazine’ which can be best described as a Flipboard for iPhone with added digital intuition that helps brings relevant content to its users ‘automagically’.

Except that the company elected to forgo iOS and launch on Android and Windows Phone instead. Both versions are free and can be downloaded, here. One thing to note is that the Android version is exclusive to all Samsung Galaxy models. In three months, it’ll be free available in the Android Market store.

In terms of usage, setting-up Smart Magazine is easy as pie. All the user has to do is select ‘Streams’ which can range from pre-set categories such as Business and Gossip, to the user’s own Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader feeds. That’s really all there is to it.

My6sense figures out everything else without requiring the user’s implicit feedback. There’s even a digital intuition meter that indicates how well my6sense has you figured out.

What’s quite evident is that my6sense can sure separate the signal from the noise. I have pretty active Twitter & Facebook feeds but was only presented content that I honestly did feel was quite relevant and personalized for me. It won hands-down compared to the stories Twitter offers me in its new ‘Discover’ tab.

Smart Magazine is a major jump forward for my6sense in terms of the overall user experience. The app is simple and intuitive to use. I also found it to be very aesthetically pleasing (see screenshots below).

The big question is whether my6sense can survive as an independent consumer play or whether it needs to license, or even sell the entire IP lock-stock-and-barrel to a company with a massive userbase.

One thing’s for sure, my Flipboard and Twitter experiences would be that much better were they to have some of my6sense’s digital intuition inside. Just saying.