It’s Here! Facebook Timeline Now Available To Users Worldwide

You’ve been anxiously waiting for it, and now it has finally arrived. Facebook Timeline, which MG likened to ‘the story of your life on a single page’ when it was first announced back in September at the F8 event, that is.

We told you how to get it early (and millions of you did) and what it looked like, but most of you earthlings – not living in New Zealand – had to wait patiently until the glorious day Facebook decided to flick that on/off switch.

This morning, they did.

Wait, are you still here? Go click that “Get It Now” button and revisit your life (or at least the parts of it you or others shared on Facebook).

You’ll have seven days to review everything that appears on your Timeline before anyone else can see it, and you can choose to see how it appears to a specific friend or the public.

As a commenter on this post put it: “Today will be the most unproductive day in America this year”.

And, of course, the rest of the world and stuff.

Meanwhile, Facebook is countersuing, which first sued the social networking colossus over trademark infringement. To be continued.

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Update: watch Facebook’s Director of Design, Kate Aronowitz, talk about Timeline with NBC TODAY host Ann Curry.

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