Giftmeo Debuts Social Group Gifting Service

Wrapp and a host of others are betting on group gifting as a new way for users to collaborate over giving gift cards to friends. Giftmeo is throwing its hat into the group-gifting platform ring, debuting a new service that allows groups to ‘chip in’ towards a gift for a friend.

Users simply create a profile on, set up gifts for one or more friends and then begin the “fundraising” by spreading the message on Facebook and Twitter. You can connect to Facebook to Gift-givers can pay in increments as small as $1.00 or has high as $2,000.

Unfortunately, the actual options for gifts are limited. For now, Giftmeo only allows users to gift Gift Cards. The startup will also soon introduce an API that lets developers add gift cards as rewards. And it can be used as a fundraising tool as well. For now, Giftmeo is in private beta but will soon be opening to the public.