Galaxy Nexus Gets Launch-Day OTA Update To Squash A Few Bugs

The Galaxy Nexus has been on sale here in the U.S. for mere hours, and it’s already getting its first refresh. But reports are bound to come in over the next week or so, but it looks as though Google had a few things that still needed fixing upon release.

In Android 4.0.2 build ICL53F, you’ll see improvements to your 3G/4G connection, your Wifi connection (including automatic reconnection to already-saved networks) and mobile hotspot enhancements.

The lock screen will also get some “visual improvements,” along with some special effect enhancements for the front-facing shooter. If you already own a Galaxy Nexus, you may have seen this error message: “data was disconnected due to roaming”. That was a mistake, and will no longer appear once the update is complete. And if you were having trouble opening up certain mail attachments, that issue is done for, as well.

You may have also noticed that the G-Nex supports DivX. This latest update will remove support for DivX, though Verizon promises that support will come back in a future update. Verizon also mentions improved volume during Google Navigation’s turn-by-turn directions.

If the update hasn’t already been pushed straight to your device, it’s worth hitting up the Settings tab and checking for updates manually.

Here’s the full scoop on everything included in the update, and happy Galaxy Nexus day, everyone!

[via Droid-Life]