(Founder Stories) Turntable.fm’s Billy Chasen: “Whatever It Takes, Get That Product Out There”

Having launched two companies that have gone in dramatically different directions; one’s secured $7-million in funding (Turntable.fm) and another ceases to exist (Stickybits), Turntable.fm’s Billy Chasen wraps his Founder Stories conversation by lending advice to other founders and discusses the biggest challenge he’s currently facing.

Chasen tells host Chris Dixon that finding and hiring those “A+ rockstars” is his toughest task. He says on the surface it seems simple, but “it is actually incredibly difficult and it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of energy and you don’t want to make a mistake.” He compares the hiring process to dating, “you can’t be too forward, the other person if they are too forward it kind of scares you away, there is like this whole just kind of dance.”

Switching topics, Chasen says it’s key for founders to receive early feedback from consumers. His recommendation? “Try and get things out as early as possible. Figure out what your minimum viable product is and just get it out the door.” Hammering the point home he says, “whatever it takes, get that product out there.”

Make sure to watch the entire episode to hear additional insights, including traits Chasen says startups and employees share – and what founders should avoid when dealing with both.

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