Fotopedia Shifts From iPad Books To Photozine With “Wild Friends” App

Digital media is just more compelling when it is updated on a regular basis. That is what keeps people coming back. It’s as true for blogs as it is for apps. Fotopedia has built a nice little franchise putting out digital photo books re-imagined for the iPad. After 9 apps and 6.2 million downloads, with 1.4 million active users and 100 million pageviews a month, it is taking a more magazine-liek apporach with its latest iPad app, “Wild Friends.”.

Instead of a relatively static set of highly-curated pictures around a single topic, you get a highly-curated set of pictures that changes every day. And each photo now has a narrative caption written by the photographer. Fotopedia started experimenting with this more magazine-like approach in September with its HTML5 website and integration into Flipboard. You can see what the “Wild Friends” magazine looks like on the web also.

By focusing on one topic area per photozine (animals, Japan, national parks), Fotopedia hopes to attract advertisers with rich magazine-like ads.

Delivering fresh content every day should give users a reason to visit more than 2.4 times per month (wich is the average). Fotopedia will eventually convert all of its existing apps into the magazine format as well, and soon will add Facebook Graph integration, which will allow readers who opt in to show every page they are browsing in their Facebook Tickers.