Amazon: For The Third Week, Kindle (Including The Fire) Sales Have Surpassed 1 Million Per Week

The Kindle Fire is a hit and Amazon just released an impressive number to back up the widely accepted sentiment. Amazon is currently selling Kindles at a rate of one million per week as demand increases. Despite the huge sales numbers, Amazon has managed to keep the tablets and ereaders in stock and available for next day shipping. Even Apple couldn’t fulfill that sort of demand after the launch of either versions of the iPad.

Amazon’s budget tablet was a hit from the beginning. Even prior to its release, the tablet was the best-selling item on Amazon, kicking the e-ink Kindle from the top spot. But once it hit, customers haven’t stopped buying it. At its current rate of a million units sold per week, the Kindle family is actually outpacing the iPad’s post-launch sales rate. The iPad 2 saw a blockbuster initial first weekend with a million estimated sales but Apple quickly ran out of stock, causing a backorder wait of up to a month. Amazon must have been taking notes.

It can only get better for Amazon. Not only is the retailer selling Fires and Kindles like gangbusters, but both are essentially a mobile portal for all of Amazon. Consumers are buying the Kindle Fire and will in turn buy content from Amazon. It’s Amazon’s trojan horse indeed.

Update at 1:10: Updated the post because I messed up.