Samsung Adds An Appolicious-Powered Social Mobile App Directory To Galaxy Tab Devices

After landing a similar deal with Best Buy, social mobile app directory Appolicious has announced another partnership—with Samsung. Currently, a Samsung-branded social mobile app directory is preloaded on Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablets.

The mobile app directory, which is located on the home screen of the tablet as ‘Samsung App’, designed to make it easier for consumers to locate and find recommended Android apps. Users can access apps by genre, Facebook friends and also see Appolicious’ curated recommendations.

For Appolicious, this deal is part of the startup’s “Intel inside” strategy of providing APIs to power app discovery for partners. Partners can use Appolicious’ search, recommendation APIs and all the  curation to help users figure out which apps are best for them, founder Alan Warms explains. Many technology players see the value of providing their own branded App Discovery to consumers, and he says there are more partners to come in the near future.